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75 years (and 6 years) of Batman

It’s “Batman Day” today (so say DC Comics), and the character was first published more than 75 years ago, in 1939.

One major difference between Batman and Superman is that while the ongoing narrative of Superman has been completely “rebooted” many times, most (but not all) Batman comics published could be said to “count”, still.

For example, Batman #244 published 1972 includes this panel -


- and it’s still a major chapter in what’s understood to have “gone before” the Batman comics of today, (redrawn again and again as a flashback). Damian Wayne was the result of this meeting of hero and villain.

"The New 52" relaunch put a Six-Year timeline on the "comics time" of the caped heroes’ existence. Yet the union that created Damian Wayne (as Batman and Robin #0 of "The New 52", which is the story of a decade of "comics time") was years before that.

Link, my thoughts on how to resolve this contradiction.

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The Twelfth Doctor – the full trailer

The new Doctor and Clara…

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The official full length TV launch trailer - Doctor Who 2014 - BBC One

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Twelfth Doctor teaser-trailer number 3

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The Twelfth Doctor – the question

The new Doctor asks Clara…

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BBC Glasto 2014

The bbc.co.uk link which probably explains best which artist is on which TV channel or Red Button or live-stream, and when.

My 23 picks of the 3-day event, the iPlayer should appear eventually on (most of if not all of) these pages, (it’s now Friday evening)…




Four Tet

Parquet Courts

The 2 Bears (DJ SET)



Sun Ra Arkestra


Arcade Fire



Manic Street Preachers


John Grant

Anna Calvi

Bryan Ferry


Jack White



Connan Mockasin

Massive Attack

Chance the Rapper

James Blake

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"No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord."

Pics via,



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Teaser-trailer for the feature-length yes feature-length new episode.

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Judge Anderson

Steve Yeowell
Brendan McCarthy
Ron Smith
Brett Ewins
Brian Bolland
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